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Challenges: Lorne and Cadman

Author: ShaViva

Rating: varies

Season: varies

Summary: One-shot Lorne centric short stories featuring Lorne and Cadman.

Classifications: General

Pairings: Lorne/Cadman

Spoilers for: None

Disclaimer: I am unfortunately not associated in any way with the creators, owners, or producers of Stargate or any of its media franchises. All publicly recognizable characters, settings, equipment, etc are the property of whoever owns them. Any original characters, plot, settings, and anything else I made up are the property of me, the author. No copyright infringement is intended.

Copyright (c) 2010 ShaViva


Author's Note: 

NOTE that Challenge One is rated M so if you're not old enough or a little smut isn't your thing, DON'T READ IT!

"All glory comes from daring to begin." Anonymous

Challenge One: Daring to begin.

Lorne watched her from the corner of his eye as the meeting progressed, part of his mind paying attention to what Richard Woolsey was saying but the rest firmly settled on Lieutenant Laura Cadman, visiting from Earth for a mission that required her special expertise.

It galled to admit it, but Evan had been harbouring quite the crush on Laura for longer than he cared to think about. Long enough to know it wasn't going away, that long months of absence didn't seem to impact, and that maybe it was actually a little more than just a crush.

It was all Laura's fault for being so ... captivating. How was a man supposed to ignore the vibrancy of her hair, that milky smooth skin, the fire of her personality shining through those changeable green eyes? He was pretty sure he could look at Laura for a lifetime and still see something he'd never noticed before.

Laura shifted, leaning forward as she gestured expansively, her eagerness for the upcoming mission obvious. Lorne held back a smile – he'd never met anyone so enthusiastic about blowing things up. Man, what he wouldn't give to see some of that enthusiasm directed at him. "Don't go there," he told himself. It was his self imposed rule – he could look, observe, but once he started imaging all the various ways he could express his admiration ... his desire ... then it was time to distance himself. "Come on Evan ... think about something else," he urged internally, swallowing hard when Laura flicked her hair over her shoulder. She was wearing it pulled back into a pony tail today, his favourite second only to seeing it down.

"Hmm-mmm!" The pointed clearing of a throat broke into his introspection and Evan realised with dismay that he hadn't actually been paying attention after all. The other thing he realised was that he'd been blatantly staring at Laura and that she knew he'd been staring because she was now looking back at him, her expression quizzical.

"Major?" Richard Woolsey waited for a response ... to what, Lorne had no idea.

"Ah," Lorne dragged his eyes away from Cadman, casting a quick glance around the other occupants of the table looking for inspiration. Teyla was patient and serene as always, her expression unreadable – no help there. Ronon's eyes twinkled in such a way that Evan was sure the Satedan knew exactly what he'd been thinking – Evan had no interest in adding to the other man's amusement so he ruled him out too. Rodney he didn't even bother to consider – unless it was his own briefing the scientist was renowned for paying even less attention that Lorne had been. That just left either Cadman herself or Colonel Sheppard. No way was he even looking at Laura again; he didn't want to see her expression or spend the rest of the day wondering what she'd been thinking. So he met his CO's eyes, silently asked for the assist and was rewarded immediately with an almost imperceptible nod.

"Lorne's team is free to accompany us," John said easily. "You're not up for another mission this week, right?" With one simple sentence he'd clued Lorne in to where they were at in the mission briefing.

"Yes Sir," Lorne nodded, grateful, keeping his gaze fixed firmly on his commanding officer. "The next scheduled mission is next week. My team will be happy to back you up Sir."

"Good," Woolsey glanced down at his list and then back up again. "Lieutenant, will you require any additional materials apart from those you brought with you from the SGC?"

"Nope, fully equipped Sir," Laura replied, smiling.

Evan listened as she detailed the explosives she'd brought from Earth, all for the specific purpose of blowing up an existing facility to get to the one Rodney believed was underneath. "This could be as big as the lost Templar treasure," he'd told Woolsey during the first mission briefing.

"I saw that movie," Sheppard had joked, earning a glare from Rodney and a chuckle from everyone else.

"So ... we're all set to go," John said now, making it a statement that already implied Richard Woolsey's agreement.

"Yes you are," Woolsey agreed pointedly, fully aware of John's usual method of operation. "You'll leave at 0900 tomorrow. Regular check-ins as usual Colonel," he added, finishing the briefing.

Woolsey was the first one up from his chair, Lorne quickly following. The sooner he got away from temptation the better.

"Lorne, a word," Evan froze as Sheppard spoke. "Damn," he thought, hoping against hope that he wasn't about to have an awkward conversation with his CO. Hanging back he kept his eyes on the floor as everyone else left, leaving him alone with John.

"I apologise for being distracted during the briefing Sir," Lorne decided to jump in first, almost standing to attention with his eyes fixed on the opposite wall. "Thank you for bailing me out."

"Distracted huh? Is that what we're calling it now?" Sheppard's amused tone had Evan redirecting his gaze abruptly. "And what ... or should I say who was distracting you Major?"

"Ah ...," Lorne had never felt so uncomfortable in his life. He hadn't done anything wrong ... but still felt as guilty as if he had.

"Relax Lorne," John said, sitting on the edge of the conference room table. "You know – in the interests of making sure my 2IC isn't 'distracted' – you should really talk to Cadman this time."

"Damn ... am I that obvious Sir?" Lorne grimaced, running a hand over the back of his neck, embarrassed and trying like hell not to show it.

"Yes," Sheppard grinned when Lorne reddened slightly, something he'd never seen from his usually unflappable second. "Talk to her," he repeated more seriously. "You might be surprised at the result."

"I'll think about it Sir," Lorne replied, hoping that would be the end of it.

"Like you have been for the past couple of years?" John returned. "Come on Evan! Where's the glory in that?"

Evan frowned, understanding exactly what his CO meant. Going for glory was a concept they lived by. For the average Joe it was about aiming for that parking space right outside the mall entrance, bypassing all the vacant ones along the way. Or changing lanes to get 'pole' position at the lights, leading the traffic away instead of following in the crowd.

For men like Lorne and Sheppard though it was about much more than that. It was taking on a hive ship full of Wraith to rescue a captured team, piloting an F302 attached meteor into a Replicator beam, or gating onto a Wraith Cruiser on its way to Earth when you knew maybe there was no way back. It was getting in there right from the start so you could make a difference.

"Glory," Evan muttered, thinking hard. "You're right Sir," he declared. Straightening he nodded to his CO, taking the acknowledging nod as permission to leave. He didn't notice the return of John's amused grin as he left – he had business to attend to.


"Lieutenant, got a minute?" Lorne went straight from the conference room to the armoury where Laura was preparing her equipment for the mission.

"Of course Sir," Laura smiled, giving him her full attention.

"Privately," Evan added. He saw the way her gaze sharpened but she followed him as he turned and led them away from the populated area. Lorne knew the city very well, knew the places you could go for a few moments of quiet while still being close to the centre of things. It only took a few minutes to get to his destination – a small research room with an outside window and a series of Ancient carvings on the walls. He walked inside and waited for Laura to follow him, the door swishing closed behind them.

And then he made his move ... closing the gap between them he gathered Laura close, pulling her up and kissing her like he had every right. After a seconds stunned pause Laura didn't protest. Instead she wrapped her arms around him, trying to get closer as she returned his kiss with all the enthusiasm he'd hoped for.

Lorne had thought too often about how he'd approach Laura if he ever got that far, and this was a scenario he'd tortured himself with more than once. What he hadn't done, what he'd only considered on his way to finding her, was how she'd react. That's when he'd replayed all the various moments between he and the Lieutenant. Her expression when she'd arrive in the city and see him waiting to greet her, the fact that he'd caught her staring at him more than once in the past too, and that very day, the flush of heat that had swept over her face as she'd stared back at him. That's when he'd realised something.

She wanted him just as much as he wanted her.

Their kiss went on, hot and heavy with passion denied too many times in the past. Evan walked forward slowly, taking Laura with him until her back hit the wall with a dull thud. He lifted her, using the sudden support to align their bodies in all the right places as he pressed closer. She let out a whimper of need that had him smiling fiercely. Breaking away from the lure of her reddened lips he kissed his way down her throat, breathing hotly against her neck. In response she shivered, her body relaxing abruptly as she melted into his support.

"Evan," she murmured, shifting in silent encouragement for more.

That was all the permission he needed. Moving smoothly Lorne got down to the business of revealing the Laura previously hidden beneath her marine's garb. "Beautiful," he muttered, kissing the pale flesh between her breasts and running his hands down her back. She was so soft ... the hints of her profession, her tough nature, there only when he paid attention enough to look for them. He'd gotten her down to naked but for the regulation knickers she still wore before she protested.

"You're wearing too much," Laura broke away, moving her hands to the front of his shirt and making quick work of the buttons. She was grinning as she tugged the shirt from his pants, pushing it off his shoulders and then throwing it over her head. Evan watched her intent expression as she shifted to his t-shirt, pulling that up too and then running her hands over his bare stomach and chest. It was his turn to shiver, to feel that hot wash of desire, that need for more.

"Laura," he murmured, running his hands over her hair and carefully freeing it from the pony tail she wore, wrapping a few strands around his wrist and then letting them fall away. He helped her remove his boots and then he was down to the one item of clothing too, boxers in his case.

They both shivered as flesh met flesh for the first time, the sensations enough to throw finesse and calculated moves out the window. Each was determined to explore the other to the fullest, as though worried that this might be a mistake, that they might not get another chance. It made their love making both urgent and intense as they discovered what made them similar to each other and what made them unique, what raised a smile and what heightened their responses.

Last barriers gone and responsibilities taken care of, Evan lifted Laura again, using the same wall for support. She wrapped her legs around him, holding on tightly as he surged forward, joining them as one. He paused, all the way home inside her, breathing hard in an effort to control himself. She was tight ... hot ... right ... and he wondered how he'd gone so long without experiencing what they could be together.

He had to move ... and she was with him all the way. The next minutes were about sounds and sensations – flesh merging and separating, voices murmuring appreciation; passion uncontained, emotions finally given an outlet. And then it was over ... the rush of release giving way to the return of reality, the need to come down from the high and face each other. They dressed silently, casting each other surreptitious glances that were quickly redirected.

"Laura," Evan began.

"Don't say it," she returned before he could continue. "Don't tell me this was a mistake."

"I wasn't going to," Evan replied, moving forward to take her hands. "I was going to say I'm sorry we didn't do this a long time ago."

"Really?" Laura grinned suddenly, her eyes shining up at him.

"Really," he replied firmly. He stroked a thumb down her cheek, watching her closely. "I'm already thinking about next time ... there is gonna be a next time, right?"

"Hell yes," Laura agreed, narrowing her eyes as she continued. "But I'm not gonna be your fuck buddy Evan, so if that's all this was then forget it."

"Laura," Evan protested the crude assessment of his motives. "If sex was all I wanted it wouldn't have taken me so long to get us here. I'm not looking for that ... I want the full box and dice okay."

"Me too," Laura smiled, leaning up on her toes to kiss him before settling back down. "Why today?" she asked curiously.

"Colonel Sheppard reminded me what glory is," Evan replied. The glory of beginning something when there was personal risk involved, when you didn't know the outcome ... and the glory - the vibrant beauty that Laura was to him. Pulling her up again, he kissed her intently, the newness still there but supplemented with the knowledge of just how good they were together.

"Remind me to thank Colonel Sheppard later," Laura murmured before losing herself in his kiss.

Author's Note: 

This was a kind of a self challenge ... From Twitter (Writing prompt) I got the main theme of Glory and I added in the love theme because its Valentine's Day.


Challenge Two: Unawares

Turning the corner, Lieutenant Laura Cadman continued her morning run through the corridors of Atlantis. It was early even for her, not yet 6am. When she'd started out the sun had still been below the horizon but as she neared the outer edge of the city she could just see golden light beginning to trickle through the windows. Smiling, Laura thought again how great it was to be back - this time for a whole month's placement. Living and working on the Daedalus ten weeks at a time was okay but nothing could beat the freedom of access to the open air whenever you wanted it. With that thought, the Lieutenant slowed to open an exterior door, letting it close behind her as she picked up her pace again. It was the second or third stint she'd served in the city when she'd first discovered the remote section of corridor that ran around the outside of one of the outer towers. She'd done laps there ever since, never seeing anyone else until she'd begun to think that perhaps she was the only person who even knew the small circuit was there.

Her feet hit the deck in a rhythm that was barely audible over the sound of the waves crashing against the pier directly below. "The seas are talkative today," she thought with a grin.

Turning the first corner she didn't see the lone figure on the balcony at first but when she did her first reaction was a selfish one. "Great," she muttered under her breath. How dare someone come to her place. Slowing to a walk she approached quietly, interested in seeing who had invaded her running track before she made her presence known.

He had his back to her so it was difficult to work out ... she took a few more steps and then stopped, something about the scene capturing her interest. Whoever it was, he were totally focussed on what was in front of him ... Laura unconsciously shifted closer until she was only a few feet away and still he didn't notice her. Narrowing her eyes she looked first at what he were looking at.

A painting ... the ocean ... before the dawn ... the sun just barely appearing in the distance.

A paintbrush appeared, obstructing her view as it was used to add something to the scene. Clearly the ocean was talking to him as well ... and judging from what she could see he was particularly talented at listening and translating that to the canvas in front of him. The picture was vibrant even from a distance, calling the viewer to come and step inside the artist's world and Laura had to resist the urge to move forward so she could see it up close. Even more intrigued over the identity of the 'intruder' now, she turned her attention to him.

He was taller than her, probably average height amongst the men they had stationed on Atlantis. Dressed in civilian clothes ... a long sleeved shirt hanging untucked over faded denim jeans and sneakers ... she couldn't see how built he was and there was certainly nothing that gave away his identity. Laura frowned, angling her head as she watched him add more colour to the sky above the rising sun. That was the problem with everyone always wearing uniforms - some people looked so different without theirs that it was hard to recognise them, especially from the back.

The paint brush was lowered and the artist stepped back. Laura was mesmerised as his shoulders shifted - the early morning air had been chilly but it was already warming up, obviously enough for the artist to feel hot enough to remove his shirt. One sleeve and then the other dropped away, revealing a crisp white t-shirt, tight enough that Laura had a very nice view of the rather impressive physique underneath. He bunched up the shirt and tossed it to one side, picking up his brush and returning to his art.

There was urgency now, as though he had to hurry or lose his inspiration entirely. The sun was rising rapidly, already higher than depicted in the painting, but still he worked. Laura's mind was partially engaged in unsuccessfully trying to recall if she'd heard any gossip about anyone on the expedition being an artist, the rest of her enthralled by his efforts. She wanted to see the painting finished, was caught up in the process to the point she lost track of time. It could have been seconds or minutes before he stepped back again, looking at the canvas, obviously considering whether it was done or not.

And then he put down his brush, stretching his arms up high with a groan she heard loud and clear. His shirt rode up as he shifted from side to side, revealing a sliver of sun tanned skin and a ripple of muscle that had her swallowing hard. "Wow ... who the hell is this guy?" she thought.

Dropping his arms again, the artist finally turned sideways enough for her to catch his profile as he began packing away his tools.

"Holy fuck!" Laura stepped back a few paces until she hit the glass wall behind her, one hand raised to her mouth. Major Lorne painted? More than that if the painting was anything to go by - the base 2IC was an artist, for real. And Lord, he was pretty damn hot too. How had she never noticed that before? Although, being completely honest with herself, she had noticed that he was more than a little attractive – like his eyes, and the way he looked at you and only at you. That blue gaze had done funny things to her insides on more than one occasion. And his smile, the one you didn't see very often but when you did never failed to raise an answering smile.

Looking back to the balcony Laura felt a moment's panic - he was almost done cleaning up - almost to the point where she was going to get caught ogling him. "Damn, damn, damn," she thought, dithering in a completely unCadman like way as she tried to decide what to do. Go or stay? Fake or fade? In the end she decided to just pretend she was only now coming across him.

Breaking into a slow jog again it only took a few steps for him to notice her approach.

"Sir!" Laura's pretended surprise hopefully didn't come across as lamely as it felt to her.

"Lieutenant," Lorne replied with a raised brow and a quick glance at his watch. "Out early this morning?"

"Not especially," Laura replied, stopping beside him. "This is usually when ... and where I run, when I'm in the city that is."

"Feeling possessive Cadman?" Lorne smirked slightly, not missing the implication that he was the one somewhere he shouldn't be.

"Ah ... maybe just a little Sir," Laura admitted. She let her eyes shift to his canvas and then back to him. "That's pretty good Sir."

"You sound surprised," Evan looked at his own work too before pinning her with that blue gaze.

Insides tingling, heart racing just a little, Laura studiously ignored her physical reaction, stronger than it had been in the past because, hell, she'd copped a flash of skin and muscle that morning that only added to the fantasy. "I am a little Sir ... painting isn't exactly the average hobby for most pilots."

"I guess not," Evan smiled, amused more than offended.

"Don't do that!" Laura thought, the flash of white teeth and the twinkle of amusement in his eyes heightening her regard ... and her temperature.

"My Mom was an art teacher," Lorne continued, the pride coming through as he spoke, oblivious to her reaction. "It was kind of a Sunday requirement to pick up a brush and paint something."

"And God, don't talk about your mother with that sweet expression on your face!" Laura swallowed again, looking away quickly when his eyes narrowed and focussed on her more intently.

"Well, it looks like all that practice paid off Sir," she said aloud. "You could sell that."

"Why thank you Lieutenant," Evan looked almost embarrassed at the praise, his modesty just another nail in the coffin of her professionalism. "Oh god ... he's just so ... perfect!" Laura thought, distracted, her eyes returning to his face. "Don't go there Laura ... falling in lust with your superior officer is a BAD idea. Even one as hot and ... and ... nice as Evan Lorne ..."

She didn't realise she'd been staring until he clicked his fingers sharply a few inches from her face. "Lieutenant," he said firmly. "Snap out of it!"

"Sorry!" Laura could feel her face flushing, cursing the red hair and accompanying pale complexion for the millionth time. "I'll ah ... I should ... sorry to disturb you Sir," she babbled. "I'll just be going now," she mumbled, still embarrassed. She turned abruptly and broke into a run, heading back the way she'd come without a backward glance.

Lorne watched her go, frowning in confusion. What the hell had just happened? Deciding that women, even the marine variety, were an unexplainable mystery no matter what galaxy you crossed paths with them in, he pushed the incident from his mind.

The morning's painting session had been successful, the predawn view stunning, but now Evan knew Laura ran there he'd find a different place during the weeks she was in the city.


"It was so embarrassing Jen."

"Don't be silly Laura, I'm sure it wasn't that bad."

Evan stopped abruptly just outside Doctor Keller's closed office door when he heard the familiar voices inside. He was going to move away, come back later when the Doc was free, but the next part froze him in place.

"I was practically drooling! Oh God - what must Major Lorne be thinking of me?" The Lieutenant's voice rose sharply even as Lorne's brows rose. "She was drooling ... over me?" he thought, beyond surprised.

"Laura, just calm down already," Jen admonished. "Evan probably didn't even notice."

She was right - he hadn't noticed anything out of the ordinary about Laura that morning - apart from the fact that she'd obviously been distracted by something ... apparently that something had been him. Unconsciously he started to smile ... now wasn't that an interesting piece of news?

"You're right," Laura regrouped. "I mean, it's not like it's the first time I got a little carried away ... that man is too hot for his own good. Especially in that white t-shirt. Did I tell you about the white t-shirt?"

"Yes," Jenn laughed. "More than once!"

Both women were giggling now and it was Lorne who felt a slight flush rising to the surface. He knew women talked about the men of Atlantis when they got together - he just hadn't realised that some of them were talking about him!

"You could talk to him," Jenn suggested once they'd calmed down.

"What, about lusting after him?" Laura's voice was incredulous. "Don't be silly. For one he's a superior officer so it's not allowed. And even if it was I hardly think he'd be interested in me!"

"Why not?"! Jenn was indignant on behalf of her friend. "You're beautiful not to mention funny and smart - he'd be lucky to have you lusting after him!"

"Right again Doc," Lorne thought, grinning now. Laura was beautiful ... that wasn't news to him even though the Lieutenant was right that the regs for them were in the grey area. She wasn't under his command and he couldn't really influence her career apart from the few times a year she was stationed in the city. Not that he spent a lot of time thinking about her ... much.

"It's really not fair," Laura moaned and Evan could almost picture her dropping her head to her hands. "Why couldn't I have fallen for someone less ... everything?"

"Because you have exceptional taste," Jenn returned promptly, in a way that had Lorne thinking maybe this wasn't the first time they'd talked about this. "Evan is a good man Laura. I know I say this every time you come to Atlantis but this time I really mean it. If you don't say something then I'm going to."

"You are not!" Laura shot back. "Because if you do then I'll tell a certain Satedan about your own not so little case of lust."

"You would not!'


Lorne almost laughed, the need to not get caught eavesdropping the only thing stopping him. Speaking of which he really needed to decide what to do next. Go or stay? Pretend ignorance or call Laura up on what he'd heard?

"Would not!" Jennifer was laughing again now.

Okay, that was it. With a purposeful knock, Lorne cut their conversation down to immediate silence.

"Just a minute," the Doc's voice called out, suppressed humour colouring her tone.

The door opened and Evan was close to laughter again at the way Laura's eyes widened and her face paled when she saw who was standing on the other side. "Doc, Lieutenant," he said blandly, giving nothing away.

"Sir," Laura said weakly, shooting Jennifer a pleading look.

"Evan," Jennifer smiled. "I didn't keep you waiting did I?" she asked innocently.

"Nah," Lorne smiled slightly. "I just wanted to check next month's schedule with you - Colonel Sheppard wanted to shift the orientation for the new recruits which will push back their medicals with your team."

"Oh, right," Jennifer motioned for him to step inside her office.

It was a small space and Evan was amused to see Laura inhale sharply and then swallow, nervousness or something else a whole lot more interesting adding colour back to her face. "I can just leave you the new plan," he offered, holding up his folder even as he deliberately crowded Cadman just a little. "I can see you ladies are probably busy and I wouldn't want to interrupt anything." He kept his amusement in check just barely, shooting Laura a glance that had her shifting uncomfortably.

"Thanks Evan," Jennifer took the folder and placed it on her desk.

"No problem," Evan smiled at the Doc and then turned a full wattage grin on Laura. "Doc ... Cadman ... I'll see you both later." The temptation to stop at the door he closed behind him, hear what else was said, was strong but he resisted, walking away and waiting until he'd rounded the corner before laughing aloud. Shaking his head, he continued on his way, deciding he'd wait until the end of his shift to decide what to do about the very intriging Lieutenant Laura Cadman.

"Major Lorne!" Turning he saw Laura rushing to catch up.

"Lieutenant," he stopped, watching as she skidded to a halt in front of him.

"You heard, didn't you?" she rushed out breathlessly, looking at him quickly and then just as quickly away.

"Heard what Lieutenant?" Lorne replied innocently.

"Before - in Jenn's office!" She almost glared at him, and would have stomped a foot in frustration if the corridor hadn't been busy and he a superior officer. "Oops," she thought with a gulp, adding a quick "Sir," and a weak smile.

"Are you sure you want to talk about this here?" he queried, meeting the eyes of a passing scientist and nodding politely.

"You're right Sir," Laura grabbed his arm and all but dragged him to the nearest door, swiping a hand over the controls and rushing them both inside.

"This is ... nice," Evan glanced around the small medical storage room - cupboard really - before turning his attention to her. "So?"

"This is gonna get me busted back to Private," she muttered, clasping her hands around her upper arms and pacing away from him, two steps to the edge of shelving and then two steps back again. She blinked when he stepped forward to block her path on the third trip, again crowding her in a manner that was both exciting and a little disturbing. "Stop doing that!" she said irritably.

"Laura," the use of her first name had her eyes widening, her face flushing. "Relax."

"Easy for you to say, Sir," she retorted, retreating until her back hit the shelves behind her. "Stay there!" she held out a hand as she gave the order, halting his advance. "Just ... tell me what you heard okay?"

"Jenn has the hots for Ronon and apparently you have the hots for me," he said matter-of-factly, watching her closely.

"Oh Lord," Laura almost wailed, turning away and resting her forehead on the nearest shelf. "This is bad ... this is really, really bad!"

"Would it help if I said I had the hots for you too?" Evan queried mildly.

"No!" Laura shot back, turning to glare at him. "You don't do you?"

"What do you think?" Evan walked closer, not stopping until he was taking up all her personal space. Raising a hand he touched a few strands of hair framing her face, smiling as he let them slide through his fingers.

"I think we are in so much trouble here Sir," Laura returned, swallowing nervously. She made to move away but Lorne wasn't having that. He put a hand on either side of the shelf she was resting against, caging her in.

"We're in trouble Evan," he stressed his first name, capturing her glance and watching her pupils dilate at the close proximity.

"Evan," she murmured distractedly, staring up at him.

He wasn't sure after who made the first move ... did she rise up a little, raise her lips invitingly? Or did he lean down, take before she could offer? It didn't matter because the end result would have been the same. His lips on hers ... open mouths together ... tongues together ... God, bodies pressing together.

It was hot ... passionate ... and he wasn't sure it hadn't fried a few circuits in his brain because he honestly didn't care if it was breaking the regs, the spirit if not the letter of them.

They broke apart, gasping for breath, watching each other incredulously.

"Maybe we should get out of the closet," Evan suggested, running a trembling hand through his hair. The desire for her was there, urging him to act, but a storage cupboard in the middle of his shift was hardly the time and place to satisfy it.

"Good idea," Laura agreed, smoothing down her top that had ridden up a little during their ... exchange.

"We're gonna do that again though, right?" Evan looked at her sideways just before opening the door.

"Hell yes," Laura grinned up at him, cheekily rising onto her toes and leaning close to his ear. "Plus a hell of a lot more ... Evan," she whispered, breathing hotly into his ear.

"Right," Lorne swallowed, paused and then regrouped. "Glad we got that cleared up," he added, swiping open the door and stepping out like it was perfectly commonplace to be walking out of a closet with a junior officer in tow.

They split up, each instinctively choosing a different direction. "Lieutenant?" he stopped after a few moments and called back to her.

"Sir?" she stopped too, looking at him expectantly.

"White t-shirt huh?"

She blushed hotly, and then shrugged. "It was sunrise ... yo- everything was ... glowy," she excused. "And you know, you really shouldn't eavesdrop Sir."

"Noted Lieutenant," Lorne returned, faint smile lurking. "It was fortuitous though ... and I've gotta say - I'm really glad I got up early this morning."

"Me too Sir," Laura smiled, her delight evident. He was glad to have heard what he'd overheard – to have let her see a side of him most others hadn't!

"Later Lieutenant," Evan promised intently.

"Yes Sir!" Laura replied, throwing him a cheeky salute before hurrying away.

Authors Note:

Writing Prompt 1: Bliss; Writing Prompt 2: Before the Dawn


Challenge Three: Truth and Dare

"Truth or dare?" Lorne looked at Cadman incredulously. "That's what you want for your birthday?"

"Yes Sir," Laura said simply. "So ... which will it be?" She didn't allow that he'd simply refuse.

Lorne looked at her for a moment, trying to reason it out. There was risk with either scenario – more than she knew, because hell, he'd like to return the favour and give her a dare of his own. "Not the time," he reminded himself. Eyes narrowed, he tried to psych her out but she returned his suspicious gaze, unphased.

"Fine," he capitulated abruptly. "Truth."

Laura looked surprised for a moment but regrouped quickly. "If you weren't my superior officer," she swallowed nervously, rushing the rest out, "would you ever consider asking me out?"

Evan blinked. That wasn't what he'd expected. Casting a glance up and down the corridor he grabbed Laura's hand and pulled her into the nearest room – a disused lab.

Since he'd chosen truth - as good as a promise - he had to be honest. "Considered, imagined, checked the regs looking for a loop hole," he said bluntly.

It was Laura's turn for speechlessness. "Oh," she said lamely.

"Yeah, oh," Evan agreed. He considered her for a moment and then grinned. "What were you going to dare me?"

"Just the usual, clichéd birthday kiss," Laura admitted, a flush of red washing over her.

Lorne didn't give himself a chance to think. Sweeping her into his arms he kissed her as he's always imagined. It was fire and feeling and a wish that forever was a possibility.

When they parted, Laura was dazed and breathless. "Not bad old man," he thought, grinning. "Happy Birthday Laura," he said simply, turning and leaving her staring after him.

Authors Note:

This one is in answer to ladygris's truth or dare challenge over on - what fun!


Challenge Four: Fraternisation

The first time Lorne saw her he knew he was in trouble. Long red hair, slim muscled body, short enough that he'd feel ... 'protective'. Had kick ass attitude written all over her.

"Who's that, Sir?" Evan asked Sheppard as the two men walked down the steps to greet the new arrivals.

John ran an assessing eye over the gathered personnel, picked the most likely candidate, and grinned.

"You don't want to go messing with her Lorne," he cautioned ... his manner challenging Evan to do the opposite.

"Who is she, Sir?" Lorne raised a brow at his CO, insistent and purposeful in that way of his.

"Lieutenant Laura Cadman. Marine. Explosives expert."

"Sounds ... interesting," Evan commented blandly.

"Thinking about living on the edge there Major?" Sheppard queried as they hit the last step.

"No Sir," Lorne returned. "Right ... who are you kidding?" he thought sarcastically.

Sheppard smirked, strolling over to their waiting audience for the usual 'first minutes on Atlantis' spiel.

"And this is Major Evan Lorne, my 2IC." John was amused to see Lorne take his usual small step forward and give his standard serious nod.

Evan was practically famous for creating an unbreakable military facade. Asking about Cadman was unique, because Lorne had never so much as looked at a woman 'the wrong way'. In a city that too often felt like a popular day time soap opera that was saying something. Sometimes Sheppard wished there were rules to stop his personnel from hooking up ... unhooking was usually messy and the aftermath awkward, making his and Lorne's jobs a hell of a lot more difficult.

"I'll leave it to Major Lorne to show you around," John concluded, gesturing for Lorne to take over.

"Thank you Sir," Lorne let his eyes wander the group, lingering on Cadman a little too long. When she blushed he had to suppress his 'hunter scenting the prey' grin.

After that one slip he got down to business, completing the tour efficiently. Dismissing everyone to get settled into quarters he turned to head for his office.


Evan stopped. He knew that voice already ... schooling his features he turned. "Yes Lieutenant?"

"I ah ... I was wondering if you'd be free to join me for dinner in the Mess later, Sir."

"That sounds very much like you're asking me out on a date Lieutenant," he commented. "Are you?"

"If you want me to be, yes Sir," Cadman replied firmly.

Her eyes were reflectors for her thoughts ... Evan saw hope, interest, challenge ... and mischief. Leaning closer he was gratified to see her swallow nervously, her skin taking on that red flush. God, she was so ... hot!

"Oh, I want you to be," he murmured, letting her see intent in his eyes too.

"Great!" Laura grinned. "1930 hours. I'll see you there!"

And then she practically skipped away, leaving him staring after her. Yeah, he'd been right ... two minutes in the city and Laura was already trouble!

Authors Note:

This one is in answer to the ladygris and DaniWilder What If? challenge over at and is set early in season 2, AU in the sense that Lorne has been on Atlantis a few months. In case it's not obvious, my what if was What if there were no such thing as fraternisation rules?




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